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Help & Info about ROBLOX for windows

  • Should parents monitor their children when playing Roblox games?

    The games are built to be kids games, but a responsible parent should have some control over his or her child’s gameplay. Sign your child up yourself and enter his or her correct age so that he or she is unable to access games for older children. Drop in on your child occasionally to be sure your child is not bullying others or being contacted by predators since this gaming network is a social media platform similar to Facebook, ergo it contains similar risks.
  • Who develops Roblox games?

    Users develop these games. The entire network is a big social network that gives people the ability to make their own games, characters and objects. Professional developers are creating games within the network, and amateurs are creating games too.
  • Are there parental controls for Roblox games?

    Yes, there are parental controls, and you should learn more about the gaming network so that you fully grasp how to use the parental controls. This is another reason why you should help your child set up his or her account.
  • Are Roblox games glitchy and full of bugs?

    Some games have glitches and some have bugs. It all depends on the developers. Some developers are very professional and create very good games, and some are amateurs or uncommitted to the point where bugs and glitches are inevitable.
  • Are Roblox games free?

    The entire network has been monetized in a big way, but you are able to download, install, and play many of the games without having to pay. Much of the monetization comes from in-app purchases.
  • How safe is the social side of Roblox games?

    It is as risky as Twitter and Facebook. The difference is that it is harder for predators to figure out whom is who. On Facebook a predator may see pictures of the child, but they only see an avatar within Roblox games. Plus, it is more difficult for children to type in or give away their location. Simply teach your children not to give away their phone numbers, and ask them to report to you if somebody asks them for their phone number.
  • Can I play Roblox games on my xBox One?

    These games may be played on your PC, laptop, your Mac, your Android devices, your iOS Apple devices, your Amazon devices, and you may play these games on the xBox One.
  • How can I tell which the best games are?

    There is a ratings system that is similar to the sort of thing you see on and on Steam. The worst games are often rated very poorly very quickly. Newer games take a while to grow their positive or negative reputation.
  • Am I playing with other people or against NPCs?

    Some games have computer-controlled players, and some have real players, and some have a mix of both. Each game is different, but for the most part, you will be playing against real players.
  • What do I do if I find content that I think is unsuitable for children?

    You may report abuse on the game’s home page. If you think that some of the content or some of the players are making the game unsuitable for children, then make a report by clicking the link that says, “Report Abuse.”


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