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Lego-like sandbox worlds designed for kids

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  • ELIJAH ALWAY (Student)

    by ELIJAH ALWAY (Student)

    it is the best game in the world because it has 1000 games on roblox..   More

  • Phing Danganan

    by Phing Danganan

    roblox is filled with imagination it is fun roblox is amazing.   More

  • Ye Thitala Than

    by Ye Thitala Than

    i like roblox so much and it is run to play. i love roblox so much..   More

  • Kathleen Schmid

    by Kathleen Schmid

    its fun we can play millons of games and i like shooting to..   More

  • Katarzyna Szach

    by Katarzyna Szach

    yeah its so cool..   More

  • Alea Wallace

    by Alea Wallace

    In my apoinion i think Roblox is where you can make friends and be able to chat with your friends when your not at sc...   More

  • Avari Hatch

    by Avari Hatch

    I love it because it keeps everybody safe and happy! It is kid friendly and fun. I highly recommend it..   More

  • Destiny Watts

    by Destiny Watts

    love all of the games on it and it makes me happy :) my little sis is 8 and going to 9 and I let her play it..   More

  • Melanie Marie

    by Melanie Marie

    I love it! It's the best I've ever played! Good players helped me rank up in R15 Animation Tester! Thank you so much ...   More

  • gabriel rivera

    by gabriel rivera

    i really love it but i hate that you have t buy robux why not earn them instead..   More

  • Florian Iliescu

    by Florian Iliescu

    i love roblox becaus it has a lot of cool games you can play .my favorite game is bee swarm simulator.   More

  • lacie frias

    by lacie frias

    i love the games and all the nice people..   More

  • Ma Nayia Square

    by Ma Nayia Square

    it fun to play i love to play it at home and school me and my brother love to play it.   More

  • maya price

    by maya price

    i like it because it is a really good game and plus all of my friends and all have the game and we can talk even if w...   More

  • Layla Chavez

    by Layla Chavez

    Becaues my bff named camy_lily is play and love her so much she is like a sis to me.   More

  • Oluwadamola Akinbobola

    by Oluwadamola Akinbobola

    i think rob-lox is fun to play it makes me happy all the time..   More

  • Gokhan Metin

    by Gokhan Metin

    bnnv öfkmvfnogbgf fjrmnfwebn4vmnn bfr bfjnfbff nf rnfrehntrbg fnvbnvfd nfr nbgrjfvrejgıuregoıhrg gjg vfnf vjıglgnrggj...   More

  • Jarrell Averitte

    by Jarrell Averitte

    i want to play roblox but i cant because they wont let me play so thank you for playing roblox.   More

  • József Jakab

    by József Jakab

    tansk you have pls downinig a ROBLOX PLSPLSLPSLPSPLSPLSPLSLSPLSPLSPSL.   More

  • Ahmed Hassaan

    by Ahmed Hassaan

    cool app keep it up .......................................................................   More

  • Anastasia Sulkhanishvili

    by Anastasia Sulkhanishvili

    aasdfgv swertxhgfewedsfgbhyjkjhresdfhjjytgvgyuihgfxxhshhsshhshhshx c cssbhjksf.   More

  • Ouyang Kelly

    by Ouyang Kelly

    I think roblox is okay but how do you get robux's? you should tell people how to earn robux's.   More

  • Cameron Allen

    by Cameron Allen

    Do you know that Roblox is a cool game .
    Roblox is the best game in the universe and world its better.   More

  • Elena-Brîndușa Gal

    by Elena-Brîndușa Gal

    Eu cred ca este un joc forte bun vil recomand.
    ca este foarte tare si are o grafica buna si poti sa ai robux foa...   More

  • Elena-Brîndușa Gal

    by Elena-Brîndușa Gal

    Eu cred ca este un joc forte bun vil recomand.
    ca este foarte tare si are o grafica buna si poti sa ai robux foa...   More

  • 이레 오

    by 이레 오

    plz give me roblox.
    plz robloxfun okay i'm not roblox plz plz plz plz plz plz plz..   More

  • Gina Villar sayomalayko

    by Gina Villar sayomalayko

    hhmm its good its like real lifevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv...   More

  • Ian Struthers

    by Ian Struthers

    its the best game the levels are so good the best one is adopt me..   More

  • William Higson

    by William Higson

    good game.
    Rodblox is a good game for kids..   More

  • Damielle Saunders

    by Damielle Saunders

    idk itss ok.
    its cooll i love it..   More