The 10 best gear items on Roblox

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One of the coolest features on Roblox is its catalog, which is stocked full of items you can use to customize your character. Hats, faces, t-shirts and pants, it has it all.

You’ll also find a wide variety of gear items. Some gear items are just for fun or showing off, while others are deadly swords from the distant past or futuristic ray guns that can be used to slay your enemies.

Perhaps you’re looking for a soccer ball to throw around in your favorite game, or some throwing stars for practicing your ninja skills… the catalog has those, too!

Deciding what to buy with your hard-earned Robux is no easy task, especially when you’re looking at collectors’ items that fetch a steep price. We are here to help you, though, with our countdown of the top 10 gear items currently available in the Roblox catalog.

The 10 best gear items on Roblox

10. Windforce Sword

This classic piece of Roblox gear has been around for years. The Windforce sword does what you’d expect it to do: It pushes your opponents back with a big gust of air, yielding a relatively small amount of damage (10% health per blow).

The Windforce is a status symbol more than anything else, especially since there are only 100 in circulation and only a few people selling it on the market. So be prepared to pay a hefty price. Fortunately, there are plenty of other weapons that are more powerful and devastating.

9. Darksteel Katana of Ancient Illuminators

A much more affordable sword, coming in at R$1,350, is the Darksteel Katana, which delivers a devastating explosion when you double-tap your Q key while left-clicking.

This sword is an outstanding piece of kit which is an absolute steal at its price and is a must-have for any committed Robloxian fighter. It will quite literally blow your enemies away and let people know you’re a force to be reckoned with.

8. Icedagger

Coming in at R$63,500, Icedagger is another pricey purchase! The high price reflects this sword’s sheer power, though, and deals 100% damage with one hit. But there’s a catch: 70% of the time it will kill both you and your opponent, so it’s a risky weapon indeed and has a very short range.

7. Sorcus’ Sword of Judgement

The  mythical Sorces’ Sword has two different uses: side-slashing by pressing X; and firing blue balls of light by pressing Z, which automatically aims the sword at the nearest people around you. The blue ball never misses, and it will chase down your opponent until it hits them, dealing 50% damage instantly.

Described by some as “overpowered,” this sword also lets you teleport to people as an orb of light and deal 75% damage. For R$11,500, it’s a steal.

6. Knights of Redcliff: Sword and Shield

Providing the best of both worlds – damage and defense – this Builders’ Club exclusive increases your maximum health to 175%, and the sword itself deals 18% slash damage. Plus, with the shield enabled, you can perform shield blasts by double clicking.

With the shield equipped, you move a lot slower, so it’s something to keep in mind; slower speed is a massive disadvantage during a swordfight.

5. Dual Illumina

What’s cooler than wielding one sword? Dual swords, of course! The Dual Illumina inflicts 50% damage when it touches another player, and if you slash instead, it instantly kills them.  This sword is also effective against groups of people: rapidly pressing the Q button while clicking it will create a “storm of illumines” that are very deadly.


4. Dual Venomshanks

Another dual-themed sword, the Venomshanks is a long-range sword which, instead of inflicting typical damage, poisons your adversary and inflicts damage each second until they die or are healed. By pressing the Q key, you deposit a puddle of deadly acid on the floor that will harm any players who carelessly stroll through it.

3. Bluster Buster

Although this sword only costs R$500, it is a Builders’ Club exclusive, and it’s easy to see why when you look at its stats. One single well-delivered slash will devastate your enemies, but it is capable of much more.

Holding down the left mouse button will begin to charge the sword up – a blue bar will appear – and when it’s full, letting go of your left mouse button will release a powerful gust of wind that blows your enemy (and their gear) away. The burst of wind deals a large amount of damage and also removes your opponent’s hat.

2. Dual Darkhearts

For the modest price of R$100,000+, you can own your very own Dual Darkhearts (yes, another dual sword!), of which there are only 100. When you tap your Q key while clicking your left mouse button, this sword will create an intimidating and powerful storm that instantly kills you and deals 40% damage to your adversaries.

Dual Darkhearts are mostly used as a last resort weapon when all other efforts have failed and you want to make a statement on your way out, while damaging and possibly taking your enemies with you.

1. Noir Periastron Psi

 Hands down, the Noir Periastron Psi is the very best weapon you can buy in the Roblox catalog. It’s very affordable, too, coming in at a few thousand Robux.
It’s a very unique sword. When used, it darkens the entire map with an eerie hue when you press the Q key. If that wasn’t enough, it increases your Robloxian’s speed by 40% and makes you invisible, which allows you to sneak up on your opponents and deal the one-hit-kill this sword is capable of. Talk about overpowered!

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