Roblox YouTuber Permanently Banned from the Platform by US Courts

Leri Koen


The Roblox Corporation sued Benjamin Robert Simon (aka Ruben Sim) for committing and encouraging unlawful acts designed to harm Roblox and its users in November 2021. The US District Court in California has just shared its findings.

The YouTuber, Ruben Sim, has been a thorn in the side of Roblox developers for many years. He creates controversial content on and about the Roblox platform. However, these views have developed into more than just an influencer speaking their mind. Some of the alleged behaviors included harassing other users, cyberbullying, making inappropriate homophobic and racial slurs, making threats against Roblox employees and more.

Roblox YouTuber Permanently Banned from the Platform by US Courts

Some of the specific accusations in the case against Ruben Sim were that he attempted to upload a nude image of himself (with a lampshade covering his genitals), he also tried to upload a sex game to the platform, and he even went as far as trying to upload pictures of Hitler as well. Considering that this platform’s main demographic is underaged children, these accusations would’ve been bad enough.

Roblox YouTuber Permanently Banned from the Platform by US Courts

However, the most serious offense was that Ruben Sim allegedly caused the temporary shutdown of the Roblox Developers Conference hosted in San Francisco in October last year. The allegation is that Ruben Sim, along with his mob of like-minded individuals, shared terrorist threats before and during the event.

This escalated to the point where the police had to close the event so that law enforcement and security individuals could get involved. This shutdown caused losses of approximately $1.6 million for the Roblox Corporation.

The courts have deliberated and have made their decision. Ruben Sim has been banned from the entire Roblox platform for life. He has also been ordered to remove any content (videos, images or audio) that violate the terms of this injunction. The YouTuber will also have to pay $150 000 in damages to Roblox corporation, which is less than the original $1.6 million claim but is a win nonetheless.

Another troll stopped in his tracks. Although the Roblox Corporation may not have gotten the financial recovery for the damages caused, they did get a potentially dangerous YouTuber off of their child-friendly platform.

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