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How to make money with DevEx on Roblox

Softonic Editorial Team


For years, Roblox has given young video game developers a chance to make big money through its platform. Launched in 2013, Roblox’s Developer Exchange, or DevEx, lets its content creators cash out the Roblox virtual currency – Robux – into real, tangible money through microtransactions.

There are Roblox game developers earning thousands, and a few earning millions, providing its very best developers with a full-time income and Roblox-based design studios to go along with it.

A DevEx success story

Although we’re taught to be skeptical when it comes to claims of making lots of cash online, this is one of the very few genuine cases where you can cash in on a successful game. Josh Correira was one of Roblox’s early success stories. As a freshman in high school, he brought in thousands of dollars a month from his popular Roblox game Paintball!, which is exactly what it sounds like – players are divided into two teams and battle each other in a paintball arena.

Roblox player Josh Correira – Daxter33 – was one of the platform’s early DevEx success stories.

How DevEx works

The way Roblox pays its creators is very simple. Content creators make their games and can charge players for in-game items, paid in Robux, which is then converted into US dollars and then sent to the content creator using a payment system called Tipalti. The money can be withdrawn to PayPal or a different payment processing service. A cut of the revenue goes to Roblox to support the platform.

It’s not only game developers who are the big money makers here; players can also create and sell items like clothing and accessories. However, having a popular game and selling in-game content is definitely the quicker way of earning Robux.

That sounds great – but how do I get started?!

Since the purpose of DevEx is to reward the most dedicated members of the community, you have to earn the right to sell your goods with DevEx. If you meet the following requirements, you’re eligible to join DevEx:

  1. Be a member of Roblox’s Outrageous Builders Club, a premium subscription service
  2. Have a minimum of 100,000 Robux in your account (earned from your own content)
  3. Be in good standing within the community and have continuously complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use
  4. Be at least 13 years old and have a verified email address

When you meet all of these requirements, a Cash Out button automatically displays on your account. Simply click this button to get started.

Roblox will also make you complete a tax form before you can be paid, even if you don’t pay any taxes (for example, if you are a minor).

Accumulating 100,000 Robux may sound like a huge undertaking – remember, it must come from your own, original content – but if you create some truly amazing content you could earn that in a matter of days, or hours. Roblox is a truly powerful platform, and if you have the skills to create something spectacular, you can benefit hugely from DevEx.


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