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How to Drop Items in Roblox in 3 Easy Ways



Roblox has a way of baffling its players with the simplest of issues. 

For example, how to type uncensored numbers into the chat or how to trade items can seem a bit challenging.

But then, there’s the matter of how to drop an item on the ground.

Once you know the trick, it’s actually straightforward. However, it’s not that obvious at first sight.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you how to drop items on the PC, mobile, and Xbox versions of the game. Check it out below!

How to Drop Items in Roblox

This entire mechanic revolves around one key on all platforms: the Backspace key.

It could sometimes get patched and not work, but if you give it a week or so, you’ll find that it’s available again. 


Make sure that you have the item you want to drop equipped and open your chat window.

Press Backspace a couple of times.

The item should drop out of your character’s hand onto the ground. To pick it up again, just run over it.


This one seems to be a bit more stubborn but works rather similarly to the PC method.

Equip the item that you want to drop and open your on-screen keyboard.

Tap on the backspace button a few times, usually around seven intents. The item should drop.

Some users have suggested that if this doesn’t work, then first tap the return key and begin spamming the backspace button.


There’s one glaring problem that we run into when we want to recreate our previous methods on Xbox: there’s no backspace key to press here.

Before you give up, let us reassure you that there is still a magic button.

In this case, though, it would be the down button located on the d-pad.

Press it a few times, and your item should drop. Make sure that you remembered to equip the item before spamming your down button.

The Magic Key

As you read through this guide, you may laugh at how incredibly simple it is to do something so basic. Yet, like with many games, sometimes even the easiest of actions can cause hours of frustration.

Fortunately, this only requires a few presses of one button before you enjoy the gaming experience. 

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