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How to Delete Roblox Account in 3 Easy Methods



Roblox is a giant online multiplayer platform. It hosts many different games. Not only can users play on different servers, but they are also able to create their own games through the Roblox Studio. 

Roblox boasts an impressive 15 million games from at least 5 million diverse creators. This number also keeps growing as more people start to enjoy the community. To gain access to this community, you need to create an account

Roblox is available on multiple platforms, including pc, Mac, iPad, mobile devices, and Xbox.

Unfortunately, there is no simple ‘delete account’ button on your Roblox menu that you can use to delete your account. However, you’re still able to delete your account in a few ways.

Ways to Delete Your Roblox Account

Below are the ways you can delete your account. 

Method 1: Email Roblox Customer Support

You can send an email to and request to delete your account. Make sure to include your name, email, and address within the email to speed up the verification process.

Method 2: Call Roblox Customer Support

If you prefer talking to an actual person, you can delete your account without email. You can call Roblox Customer Support on 888-858-BLOX and request that your account be deleted. You will have to provide them with your name, email, and address to verify your identification.

Method 3: Stop Using Your Account

If your account becomes inactive for a year, Roblox will delete it. If you decide to use this method, you must be aware that any login to Roblox will activate your account, and your year timer will restart.

Still want to delete your account?

These are the easiest ways for you to delete your Roblox account in 2021. As you can see, it may not be as simple as just pressing a button, but it is not impossible. Just be aware that once your Roblox account has been deleted, it’s challenging to restore it. 

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