How to Dance in Roblox in 3 Easy Steps

Have you been playing Roblox on Windows or Android and noticed your friends breaking some moves on the dance floor or the local park? Learning how to dance in Roblox is a neat trick, but there isn’t a special button assigned for the task.  We were eager to try it out for ourselves, just to have a few laughs while we were gettin’ jiggy wit it.

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How to Dance in Roblox

The Roblox developers have a feature called Emotes in their animation system. You can wave, point, cheer, and laugh, as if playing the game wasn’t enough fun. If you want to dance, you need to enter the emote commands for the variations available.

Step 1: Enter a game server

Firstly, you can’t merely dance in the Roblox lobby. Before you can start entering any commands, you’ll need to enter a game server that permits emotes. You can use any of your favorite ones to bust a move.

Step 2: Open the chat window

Once inside the game, open the chat window by hitting the ‘/’ button. You’ll see the window appear on your screen, awaiting your command. Just don’t hit the button too hard…you’ll still want that keyboard, and your parents won’t be impressed.

Step 3: Insert the dance command

There are three dance moves available in Roblox, aptly named ‘dance’, ‘dance2’, and ‘dance 3.’ With the chat window open, enter ‘/e’ for emotes, followed by the correct command. For example, you’ll insert ‘/e dance’ for the first move.

Hitting that pixel tango

Now that you’ve seen how to dance in Roblox, let your groove go wild and show your friends what you’ve got. Of course, it may become boring after the first few minutes, but at least you can join any groups that are dancing together in a game.

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