Best Roblox maps

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Best Roblox Maps

Roblox is a massive treat for gamers. Like Minecraft, it offers almost endless possibilities as you use the tools it gives you to build your own maps and games. This, of course, means that other people are building maps and games too and, in fact, you don’t even have to build anything at all, beyond your Roblox avatar. If you don’t want to build, you can just play the best Roblox games.

Today then, we’re going to let you know about all the best online game multiplayer Roblox maps that have already been made by other players. To use them all you have to do is follow the links in this article, follow the instructions, and then away you go. Let’s get into our list then of the ten best games and Roblox maps.

Best maps on Roblox

PoliceSim: NYC

PoliceSim NYC

The PoliceSim: NYC Roblox game offers a pretty decent map of New York City for you to drive around with 19 other players. OK, we’re not talking about GTA levels of detail here but there is plenty of exploring to do on this map and lots of fun to be had while you’re doing it. All you need to do is jump in your car and follow calls that will pop up on your computer screen. These calls will also then show up on your map as green dots.

Mining Simulator

Mining Simulator

You might think this one would be better placed in our Best Roblox simulators article, but it deserves a place here too. This is for the excellent map the popular game allows players to explore. The map is chock full of diamonds and rare gems for you to find and dig out of the ground. Explore the map, find the diamonds, get rich, and then travel off to new maps in search of even more diamonds and gems.

Apartment 23

Apartment 23

Apartment 23 is a strange take on a Roblox map and doesn’t offer multiple game modes or minigames but is nonetheless very impressive. The premise here was to create a futuristic apartment for Roblox players to come and see. It has many different styles and looks absolutely fantastic. Definitely worth checking out.

Mad City

Mad City

Another excellent GTA inspired Roblox map here for players to get lost in. Played over 700 million times it won’t take you long playing this Roblox map to understand why it is one of the most popular Roblox games around. You have the choice to save the city as either a superhero or cop, or try and cause chaos as a criminal or supervillain. This is a fun game that you’ll love.

Tower Defense Simulator

Tower defense

This game is making it into our list because it gives players a lot of different maps to play with and adds new maps all the time. If you’ve ever played plants v zombies or other tower defense games, you’ll have an idea of what to expect with the gameplay here. This game also has a group, but you’ll need to pay 100 Robux to enter.

Azure Mines

Azure Mines

We’ve already celebrated the subterranean maps players can explore on Mining Simulator, but Azure Mines takes it to the next level. These are massive procedurally generated caves, meaning no map is ever the same as another. The detail here is incredible too with many different types of ore, runaway mine carts, and maps that just go on for days. This is a very impressive Roblox game with an infinite number of Roblox maps for you to explore.

Deep Space Tycoon

Deep Space Tycoon

This Roblox game offers a fantastic space map for players to explore. It is absolutely massive too with over 3,800 buttons, more than a dozen planets, and many different ships for players to fly around in. If you’ve ever wanted to explore outer space and were tempted by the recent game No Man’s Sky, this is the Roblox map for you.

Gear Land

The maps that Gear Land have to offer are big, well designed, well built, and just generally epic in every way. The gameplay is a Player v Enemy (PvE) offering but Gear Land really is here for its maps. You have cool fantasy lands, rural farm maps, evil baddy bases, and small-town America maps among others. Check out Gear Land, you won’t be disappointed.

Sundown Island

Sundown Island is a fertile land where wolves can roam free and thrive. With new maps being added all the time including maps like Wolftopia, Blooming Forest, and Oasis. All you need to do to explore Sundown Island is create your own wolf complete with personalized ears and accessories and then head off into the unique environment the Sundown Island map offers players. Sundown Island has role-playing game (RPG) elements, has recently added new worlds, and has plans to increase the size of the map in the near future.



Arsenal is another action-packed Roblox game, a la Call of Duty, that gives players access to a lot of cool Roblox maps. This game is a first-person shooter (FPS game) that has plenty of different weapons on offer from knives, guns, R15s, and ridiculous golden knives. Players score points through making kills and assists and can control the action using a Gamepad and even on mobile. This is a fast-paced game that is lots of fun. Furthermore, there is a VIP server that has some great maps on it like the Abandoned Area. Check this game out now, you will not be disappointed.

Wrapping up

As you’ve seen there are a lot of cool Roblox games for you to play that have some excellent maps for you to explore. Multiplayer games like PoliceSim, Arsenal, and Mad City offer experiences that wouldn’t be out of place in a AAA game. Sure, their graphics fall within the confines offered by Roblox but they offer fast-action gameplay and huge maps to explore. Other games like Azure Mines and Deep Space Tycoon are absolutely massive in scale and would take days and maybe even weeks to explore. The main thing, however, is that Roblox has lots to offer and many different types of maps for you to explore.

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