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5 Roblox games you need to play right now

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Without a doubt, Roblox is a bastion of ingenious creativity and expression. With a multitude of games spanning across all imaginable genres, it is sometimes a challenge to decide on which ones to play. If that’s the case for you, read on: We have whittled down the entire Roblox game catalog to five incredible games that you really should not miss!


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The top 5 Roblox games

1. Jailbreak

What better way to kick off our top five Roblox games than with one that was an overnight success and has earned its teenage developer – Alex Balfanz (asimo3089) – a lot of money? If you want to play the Roblox version of Grand Theft Auto, look no further.

Jailbreak lets you live the life of a police officer or criminal. You can prevent the crime or cause it; in this world, the choice is yours.

Jailbreak is one of the most popular games on Roblox. At any given time, you are sure to find thousands of people on its servers, and this makes for hours of fun. The premise of the game is rather simple, which is what makes it so fun to play, and is reminiscent of a classic “cops and robbers” type of game.

In Jailbreak, there are two teams: prisoners and police. As a prisoner, your central goal is to escape prison by evading the police’s grasp and venture out into the vast open world that waits beyond the confines of the fence. When out, you must commit crimes to survive – theft and robbery play a big role here – while you’re on the run from the law.

Don’t let your new-found freedom go to your head… if you’re not careful, you’ll end up on here!

Jailbreak has been played by over 60 million people, which is a testament to just how great this game is – go play it!

2. Apocalypse Rising

Much like Jailbreak is the Grand Theft Auto of Roblox, Apocalypse Rising is the DayZ equivalent. In this brilliantly designed post-apocalyptic strategy and survival game, your destiny is your own to choose. Will you take on the world as a lone-wolf, splattering zombies at each turn, or band together with other survivors and build your own army?

When deciding which path you will take, keep in mind that zombies are not the only danger here, and your fellow survivors may just be as much of a threat! Build bases, fix up vehicles to forage for supplies, and fend off hostiles as they come (and believe me, they will) in this open world dystopian adventure.

3. Work at a Pizza Place

This classic Roblox game has been around for years, and with over 470 million visitors it would be almost wrong to not include it on our list. Work at a Pizza Place gives you the chance to join Builders Brothers’ Pizza to fulfill your pizza-making ambitions. If only working at a pizza shop was this fun in real life!

If you’ve ever wanted to cook, box up and deliver pizza and use your hard-earned cash to build your dream home, this game is for you.

Work at a Pizza Place is so much more than just working in Builders Brothers’ Pizza. In fact, the game is just as much about not working at a pizza place: Think of The Sims meets Roblox. You can use your earnings to build your dream home, get yourself a car, and head out on the town with your colleagues, partying the night away. Who knew pizzaiolos and cashiers had it so good?

4. Speed Run 4

Although the game may sound simple, it is very challenging and extremely addictive – be prepared to spend more than 15 minutes on it!

Speed Run 4 is an eclectic, quick-fire arcade-style game that’s perfect for playing in short bursts when you’ve got a spare 15 minutes to kill. Once you’ve primed your fingers and stepped across the starting line, you are off on a very rapid sprint, with the goal of getting through all of the levels as quickly as possible. I bet you didn’t see that coming, right?

As you progress further into the game, the levels become increasingly difficult to navigate.

The level design is truly spectacular, and the creator – Vurse – has done well to turn such a simple idea into over 30 different levels, each of which has its own unique design. While one level has you running through a rather boring outdoor-style map, the levels soon become very psychedelic and visually engaging, with trance music and bright vivid platforms to boot. Speed Run 4 is a brilliant game if you want to pass a little time, but why not invite some friends along and race each other through the levels? Trust me, it gets very competitive!

5. Breaking Point

If horror is your poison, then Roblox has plenty of options for you. Perhaps the best example of a Roblox game in the horror genre is Breaking Point, which is what you would get if you crossed the Saw movie franchise with Roblox.

Breaking Point has numerous game modes, each with its own unique twists. One mode brings all players together around a table and then, suddenly, the lights go dark. One by one, a player is eliminated by the designated murderer, and after each death, the remaining players vote on who they believe is behind the murders. The player with the most votes is then killed off. It is the murderer’s goal to keep his poker face and stay alive until the very end in order to win.

I would recommend this game – created by Paradox – if you are looking for a long-term gaming session that mixes strategy with eerie horror… put on good quality headphones and turn out your lights for a full-fledged, chilling experience.

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